Emily's Work Is:

In the dynamic realm of digital design and marketing, I've spent over seven years weaving my expertise through projects as varied as the clients themselves—from music schools that hit all the right notes, to small businesses and bustling restaurants brimming with flavor.

My creative journey has proudly reached for the stars with design work for three Michelin-recognized venues, and it has added a dash of panache to Denver's food scene at Top Chef Carrie Baird's Fox and the Hen. Whether I'm crafting a sleek website, energizing a social media presence, or enhancing the tactile feel of a menu, I infuse every design with sophistication and the perfect garnish of kitsch.

My approach is about more than just visual appeal—it's about creating a feel-good vibe that lingers, from the first glance at a sign to the last slice
of pizza in the box.

Social Media Management
Branding & Marketing
Graphic Design
Web Design & Development
DNS Management
Project Management

Email Marketing

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